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Company in general

Payment for computer wizard and tutor service must be maid in full at end of session.
File sharing and file sharing community constitutes a protocol violation and shall be avoided at all times. It is indeed against system policy and is not supported.
Anything illegal is prohibited. This is an honest business!
All payments are issued to Shahar Zolelhayan.
All items on this website belong to Shahar Zolelhayan. They are for private use only. Any use other than private must be issued a written consent along with a  dated signature by Shahar Zolelhayan.
All of the content of this site including but not limited to pictures, graphics, text, videos, images, menu, links, etc. are the property of Shahar Zolelhayan. By visiting this site you agree to these terms and conditions. You may not copy, distribute, transfer, edit (change, alter, modify) anything with out a written consent along with a  dated signature by Shahar Zolelhayan.

Website Design

Maintenance fee is paid in advanced as scheduled.
Student discount
Non profit organization discount
Down payment is paid prior to Web Design

Graphic Design

All Graphic Design Portfolio is property of Shahar Zolelhayan unless otherwise noted as property of another entity

Computer Wizard

Minimum cost per visit
$ 100.00
Hourly rate
$ 65.00
Hardware is sold separately.

Computer Tutor

Hourly rate
$ 20.00


Microsoft Logo, Windows XP Logo, and/or the name Microsoft are property of Microsoft.
Thank you for your cooperation

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